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Healthy Schools Initiative (HSI)


Healthy Schools Initiative (HSI)

HSI is the largest program of Sequoia Healthcare District. HSI is based on the belief that good health is necessary for academic success and schools are an ideal venue for public health interventions. We provide school-based health and fitness programs for 28,000 students per year and support the implementation of CDC’s Whole School, Whole Community, Whole Child (WSCC) model.


Sequoia Healthcare District’s Healthy Schools Initiative supports school wellness within the paradigm of the Whole School, Whole Community, Whole Child (WSCC) Model and provides major financial support to pre-K through grade 12 public schools located within our geographic boundaries to address key health areas related to school wellness. These health areas include:

      • Physical Education & Physical Activity
      • Nutrition environment & services
      • Health Services
      • Counseling, Psychological & Social Services
      • Social & Emotional Climate
      • Physical Environment
      • Employee Wellness
      • Family Engagement
      • Community Involvement
      • Health Education

Our Team

HSI is led by our Director of School Health. The HSI Wellness Team is comprised of staff from each school district to coordinate efforts locally. Sequoia Healthcare District directly supports close to 60 full and part-time positions, including nurses, counselors, mental health providers, and physical education coaches, who significantly enhance the health and wellness of their school communities. 

HSI Programs

HSI provides school-based health, wellness, and physical education programs in partnership with local non-profit providers.


PE+ is a physical education program in Redwood City School District in collaboration with Peninsula Community Center (PCC).


Through the Healthy Schools Initiative, eight school districts receive funding to implement comprehensive wellness programs.


SHD provides scholarships to nurses who wish to obtain their school nurse credential in exchange for a minimum two-year service commitment at an eligible school district within the SHD boundaries. Learn more

HSI Grants

The Healthy Schools Initiative provides one year competitive grants to community-based organizations to support health programs in schools.