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Nursing Scholarship


School Nurse Program

The purpose of the School Nurse Credential Scholarship Program is to provide scholarships to nursing students in exchange for a minimum two-year .5 FTE service commitment at an eligible school district within Sequoia Healthcare District boundaries. A participant will agree to sign a contract with a local school district upon award of a school nurse credential and serve the full length of the contract. All participants will be expected to fulfill their service obligation. Failure to do so will result in forfeiture of scholarship funds and repayment of any disbursed funds to Sequoia Healthcare District.

The Application Process


Service: Participants will have the opportunity to increase access to care by delivering critical nursing services to local school districts.

Scholarship: The program will provide a reimbursement of up $5,000 toward costs already incurred toward school nurse credential while working at eligible school district.


1. Must meet the requirements for admission to a school nurse credential program; and

2. Be enrolled or accepted for enrollment as a full-time or part-time student in an accredited school nursing program.

3. If a continuing student, maintain a minimum GPA and units to be considered a student of good standing as defined by the school nurse credential program.

Recipients of the SHD Nursing Scholarship:

2018 – Kelly Muenzen, Las Lomitas School District
2018 – Kristin Coronado, Sequoia Union High School District
2020 – Heidi Flagg, Sequoia Union High School District
2021 – Lisa Cox, Redwood City School District
2022 – Lianne Jemelian, Menlo Park City School District


What are the contract terms of the scholarship?

The School Nurse Program award and contract is for a full academic year (typically starting August 1 and ending in June 30 of the following year). The granting of continuation awards depends on the availability of funds for the School Nurse Program and contingent upon the participant’s compliance with program policies and requirements. The School Nurse Program contract may be terminated if the participant submits a written request of termination and repay all amounts paid to for the participant. All participants incur, at minimum, a two-year .5 FTE service obligation.

How is the scholarship paid?

Tuition and eligible required fees will be paid upon prompt receipt submitted by grantee. The grantee must submit proof of payment to Sequoia Healthcare District for any tuition and fees for each term. The program will only pay tuition and fees for required courses in summer school sessions if and when the summer session is required for students in the program and when the summer session is in progress during the participant’s contract period.

What does the scholarship pay for?

The School Nurse program will NOT pay tuition and fees for repeated coursework for which the program has previously made a payment. The program will pay for ONLY the courses required for degree/certificate attainment and graduation. Transfers to other academic institutions are strongly discouraged: The program will not cover any increase in tuition/fees incurred by the transfer.

Is this scholarship taxable?

The ENTIRE award IS taxable. The scholar will owe taxes on the value of the entire award. Participants should consult their local tax authority regarding applicable federal, state, or local taxes for which they may be liable.


For more information and to apply for the Nursing Scholarship, contact Jenny Bratton, Grants Development Director at (650) 421-2155 x 207 or jbratton@seqhd.org.