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HSI Grants


HSI Grants

SHD provides one-year competitive grants to community-based organizations to support health programs in local school districts. Our Healthy Schools Initiative grants provides funding for programs that address a wide range of important health areas. These health areas include: social emotional support services, preventive education/health screening, physical education/activity, and nutrition education.

HSI Grants Timeline

February 2023

LETTER OF INTENT (LOI) DUE Friday, February 10th by 5pm

FULL APPLICATION DUE Friday, April 7th by 5pm

April 2023

May 2023

The Grants Review Committee will meet to discuss full applications in mid-May

Board to vote on grants recommendations at the June Board Meeting

June 2023

January 2024

MID-YEAR REPORTS DUE January 31st by 5pm

END-YEAR REPORTS DUE June 30th by 5pm

June 2024

We have identified the following as high priority health issues:

Counseling, Psychological & Social services

Physical education & Physical activity

Family engagement and community involvement

Food and Nutrition

To Apply for Funding

If you have a program you feel can impact the desired goals and objectives of the Healthy Schools Initiative, we welcome you to complete a Letter of Intent. Late applications will not be accepted; no exceptions. You will be notified by email if you make it to the next round.


Who is eligible to apply for a grant?

Any 501–c3 organization, government agency, individual school or school district that provide school-based health programs or services at schools located inside our geographic boundaries.

What are the boundaries of the Sequoia Healthcare District?

We cover most of central and southern San Mateo County, specifically the municipalities of Atherton, Belmont, the southern third of Foster City, Menlo Park, Portola Valley, Redwood City, Redwood Shores, San Carlos and Woodside, along with the unincorporated area around North Fair Oaks.

Which major school districts are located within SHD boundaries?

The school districts are: Belmont-Redwood Shores, San Carlos, Redwood City, Woodside Elementary, Portola Valley, Menlo Park City, Las Lomitas, and Sequoia Union.

Do you fund grants for charters and private schools?

Yes, we fund charter schools that serve our residents. As a general rule, we do not fund private schools.

Can the District fund an organization that is located outside the district boundaries?

Yes, if services are provided at schools within our boundaries or if our residents (students, families) travel to schools outside our borders to access those services.

What is the maximum size grant?

This year, the maximum grant is $50,000. In past years most requests ranged between $10,000 and $50,000.

May an organization apply for more than one grant and receive more than one grant?

An organization may apply for up to 3 grants, but may only be funded for two. Each application must be for a separate program. Maximum of $50,000 per grant.

May we apply for funding through both the Healthy Schools grants program and the Caring Community grants program during the same giving cycle?

Yes, if you are providing a school-based program or service and also a non-school based program or service.

May we partner with other organizations to submit a joint application?

We welcome collaborative applications, especially if the proposed collaboration will maximize benefits and reduce costs.

Are all grants annual or can we ask for a multi-year funding?

All grants are annual. You may reapply for the same grant on an annual basis, but you must reapply annually. There is no maximum number of years that we will fund a program.

Are there programs or projects the grant will not support?

The Healthy Schools Initiative will not provide a grant for program services that take place outside of a school setting as we have a separate grants program for non-school based services. We will also not fund capital equipment, building construction, or vehicles. The District also will not fund any program that discriminates against any resident due to race, religion, age, gender, sexual preference or any other similar status.

When will we be notified if we are to receive a grant and for how much?

Final decisions will be made no later than mid-May. The decision will either be a recommendation for full funding, partial funding or no funding. The recommendation goes to the District Board for final approval at the June Board meeting, which you are welcome to attend. Our regular Board meetings are open to the public.

When will we receive our check?

Funds will be available the first week of July. At that time, you will receive fifty percent of the total, and the second payment will be made to you after you successfully complete a mid-year progress report, due in January.

How much of our grant can be used for general administration or overhead expenses?

The District restricts these expenses to no more than 15 percent of your grant.